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BULLET1000 led indicators by KELLERMANN

Moskis commercializes the well-known BULLET 1000 indicators from the german manufacturer Kellermann. Those indicators are characterized by a refined design and a sublime level of quality. The turn signals can include red position light to act as a rear light, as well as brake light. This offers the possibility of removing the original rear light, which aesthetically means a remarkable change for the image of the motorcycle.

At present, MOSKIS commercializes the basic indicator with intermittent function and the indicator with position light and brake light. At the same time, each is available in matt black finish or in glossy chrome finish.

For its installation, it may be necessary to use resistors that compensate for the lower consumption of these indicators when compared to the original ones, especially if those are with bulb technology. There is also the possibility to replace the original flashing relay with one suitable for the consumption of this device. Failure to use any of these options during installation may cause the flashing speed to exceed that required by law and that the flashing light may be damaged by overheating, which would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Kellermann Bullet1000 flashers are CE approved.


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