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Terms and Conditions

Before using any service or content offered on Moskis, this document must be read carefully and completely.

These General Terms and Conditions constitute the rules and regulations set forth by Moskis, relating to all services currently existing or to be included in the future within the MOSKIS.EU site (the Site).

Moskis may at any time and without prior notice modify these General Terms and Conditions. Such modifications shall be effective as soon as they are posted on the MOSKIS.EU website.

Users must keep themselves updated regarding the terms included herein by periodically accessing the Moskis terms and conditions section.

Acceptance by Users

Moskis reserves the right to require that each user accepts and complies with the terms herein expressed as a prior and necessary condition for the access and use of the services and/or contents provided by the Site.

When a user accesses the Site and uses any of the existing services and/or contents, he/she shall be presumed to have knowledge of the present text and to have expressed his/her full acceptance of each and every one of the provisions that comprise it.

Legal capacity of users

Only those who, according to the legislation in force in their place of residence, can validly give their consent to enter into contracts, will be able to access and use Moskis' services and/or contents. Those who, according to the legislation in force, do not have such capacity to access or validly bind themselves to the terms and conditions set forth herein, must obtain prior authorization from their legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for all acts performed by the incapable persons in their charge.

In the case of lack of capacity due to minority, the responsibility for determining the services and contents accessed by minors corresponds to the adults in whose charge they are.

User Registration

For the use of some services or access to certain content, the prior registration of the user may be established as a requirement. The purpose of such registration will be to establish the user's identity and contact information.

Whenever information is required for the registration of a user, such information must be reliable and shall be considered as a sworn statement. If the information provided does not correspond to the real circumstances of the person providing it, the user will be considered in breach of these General Terms and Conditions, and will be liable for all the damages that may arise for Moskis or third parties as a consequence of such lack of truthfulness or accuracy.

Once registered, the user will be provided with a user name and password that will allow him/her personalized, confidential and secure access to his/her personal account within the Site. The services subject to registration have been conceived for the personal use of the requesting user, therefore the user name and password granted by Moskis may only be used by the user, and may not be used by any other person. The registered user shall be responsible for the safekeeping and custody of his/her user name and password.

It will also be the responsibility of each user to keep their personal information recorded in the registry updated as necessary, and to inform Moskis whenever changes occur in relation to it.

Moskis may refuse any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration, without any justification being required, and without this giving rise to any right whatsoever on behalf of the User.

Moskis will use the information provided by the user exclusively for the purpose described above, and will at all times ensure the reasonable protection of privacy and confidentiality of user communications, but considering that Moskis makes use of technological systems that under certain conditions may be fallible, users are informed that Moskis does not guarantee the inviolability of its systems, which is why users should take this circumstance into consideration when deciding to register.

In all cases, and in accordance with the Privacy Policy maintained by Moskis, the personal information provided by the Users will be subject to adequate treatment and preservation, in order to protect its privacy.

Notifications and communications

For the purpose of allowing users to contact Moskis, communications addressed to: will be considered valid.

Notifications and communications sent by Moskis to the e-mail address of the user or sender shall be considered effective and fully valid.


The links are simple links that direct to certain information or activate certain contents, but in no case constitute reproductions of the contents to which they link.

A link does not infringe the right of reproduction, URL addresses are mere facts that are not protected by copyright because they do not imply the making of a copy of a work.

Responsibilities, direction and control over services

Moskis reserves all the powers of control and management of the Site, in particular of the services, contents and communications contained therein. Moskis may therefore make any changes and modifications it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, and may add, alter, replace or delete any of the services or content at any time.

In particular, Moskis reserves the right to control, edit, delete partially or completely any post or comment posted by a user. This power is based on Moskis's management powers as owner of the Site, and its exercise is not subject to any justification or cause, being in all cases reserved to Moskis's discretion and will. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and for the sole purpose of serving as a guideline for users, Moskis may establish a series of recommendations on accepted and non-accepted content in relation to posts and comments.

Use of the services and contents provided by the Site

Users must use the services and access the contents of the site in accordance with the provisions set forth in these General Conditions; with the legal system to which they are subject due to the place, the persons, or the subject matter in question, considered as a whole; and according to the guidelines of conduct imposed by morality, good customs and due respect for the rights of third parties.

PROHIBITED USE of the services or content

Any use of the services that is intended to harm the rights of third parties, contravene the legal order or constitute an offensive practice to public decency, will be considered as PROHIBITED USE of the services or contents, as it transgresses the purposes for which it was made available to the users.

It will be considered as PROHIBITED USE, among others, the posting of posts, messages or comments, propagation, as well as the indication of links to web pages, which:

Offensive to the rights of individuals.

Infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

It contains inappropriate content.

Aims to violate the security and/or normal operation of Moskis' or third parties' computer systems.

Induces, instigates or promotes criminal, illicit or morally reprehensible actions.

Incorporate any form of advertising or commercial purpose not permitted by Moskis.

Aims to collect information from third parties in order to send them advertising or publicity of any kind.

Control measures

Without prejudice to the legal actions taken by Moskis or third parties, when the use of the services, carried out by a user can be considered by Moskis as PROHIBITED USE, Moskis will take the measures it deems appropriate according to its sole discretion, being able to suspend or prevent access to services or content to those users involved in the prohibited use of the same, and without any prior notice.

Aspects related to Intellectual Property

In using the services offered on the Site, the user may have access to content provided by other users or third parties. Moskis makes its best efforts to control the material provided to it, however, the user accepts that he/she may eventually be exposed to third party content that is false, offensive, indecent or otherwise unacceptable. Under no circumstances can you hold Moskis responsible for such circumstances.

All material on the site, which does not belong to a user or other third party, constitutes the exclusive property of Moskis, including images, photographs, designs, graphics, sounds, data compilations, names, titles, designations, distinctive signs, and all other material accessible through the site.

Moskis reserves all rights to the aforementioned material, and does not assign or transfer to the user any rights over its intellectual property or that of third parties. Consequently, its reproduction, distribution and/or modification must be expressly authorized by Moskis, under penalty of being considered an illegal activity in violation of Moskis' intellectual property rights.

LINKS to Moskis

Under no circumstances shall Moskis be responsible for the contents or statements on the web pages from which hyperlinks to the Moskis website are established. The fact that a link exists between a web page and the Moskis site does not imply that Moskis is aware of it, or that Moskis has any relationship with the owners of the web page from which the link is established.

Moskis reserves the right to request the removal or elimination of any link from a web page outside the Site, at any time, without giving any reason, and without prior notice. The person responsible for the website from which the link is made shall have a period of 48 hours from Moskis' request to remove or eliminate the link.

LINKS from Moskis

The hyperlinks or links to third party websites provided by Moskis are intended to improve the user's browsing experience on the Moskis site by providing access channels to other sites.

The inclusion of the link does not mean that Moskis is in any way related to the site to which the link directs, nor that it supports, agrees, facilitates or collaborates in the activities that are developed in that site.

The responsibility for the services or contents in the linked sites will correspond exclusively to the owners of such sites. Under no circumstances shall Moskis be liable for any irregularities, unlawfulness or infringements recorded on such sites, and Moskis shall not be liable for any damages that users or third parties may experience as a result of the contents published therein.

The access and use of web pages linked from the Moskis website is the sole responsibility of the user, who must take all necessary precautions according to the type of service or content accessed.

Any user who considers a page linked from the Site to be inappropriate may submit a complaint or recommendation through the Moskis contact form.

Termination of Service

Moskis may at its sole discretion temporarily suspend or permanently disable the account of a user, without prior notice to the user, and without the need to invoke any cause, proceeding in such case to the deletion of all information related to the account.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For all legal purposes in relation to the services and contents provided or that may be provided on the Site, the legislation in force in Spain shall be applicable and the courts and tribunals of Barcelona shall have jurisdiction.

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